How to Grow Happy Kids with Family Rituals

Family traditions—purposeful and repeated practices that involve members of the family—are the perfect food for kids’ roots. Traditions can include both routines that organize our day-to-day lives such as Friday pizza night, and seasonal or holiday rituals that are more symbolic and planned. These repeated, shared experiences contribute to making us who we are. 

A Big Win for Outdoor Play!

This morning, some meaningful news hit the wire about Tinkergarten, and I’m excited to tell you more about it. We just raised $5.4 million of “Series A” funding to help get more families learning outside together. 

How to Honor Our Onlookers

These quiet but powerful young humans have inspired me to learn more about the strengths of “introverts.” They have also taught me lessons that have helped be a better parent, educator, and friend. This post is a celebration of these lessons—a chance to honor the onlookers.

Things Our Fathers Taught Us

I often wonder—What will my young kids remember, when they come of age, about what their dad taught them? It’s a simple but powerful question that helps me decide how I want to spend each of my days with them.